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II-VI 1064nm DFB chip out of stock notification

II-VI 1064nm DFB chip out of stock notification
The original 1064nm chip used by CivilLaser is from II-VI company. Recently, the II-VI 1064nm LD price has increased too much, and the delivery cycle takes 4~6 weeks, and most customers say that it is unacceptable.
We are already looking for alternative chip manufacturers. There are currently two temporary alternative products, and more suitable products will take some time.

Affected products
1. 100mW~300mW Single mode fiber coupled laser at 1064nm Advanced Desktop type

2. 1064nm 100mW~300mW single mode fiber coupled laser Module type

The Spectrum — 1064nm from II-VI
1064nm sepctrum

The spectrum — 1064nm (Temporary replacement)
1064nm spectrum

The sepctrum — 1030nm (Most experiments are equally applicable)
1030nm sepctrum

November 24, 2020 —- The latest alternative 1064nm LD

1064nm sepctrum

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