589nm Yellow DPSS Laser

589nm Yellow DPSS Laser

All-solid-state yellow lasers pumped by laser diode are developing quickly, and have great applications in laser medical, space target detection and identification, spectrum, laser display and other fields. At present, all- solid-state yellow lasers at 589nm with high power, high stability, high efficiency and high beam quality are the research interest in laser field.

The 589nm yellow laser has broad application prospects in the fields of laser sodium guide, laser radar, laser medical, stage performance, urban viewing, defense military and scientific research. Therefore, research on 589nm light source has been a hot spot. The main methods for obtaining 589nm light sources are dye laser technology, Raman fiber laser technology and all solid state and high frequency laser technology.

Dye lasers have been rarely used due to a series of problems such as low power, poor safety, dye degradation, high energy consumption, and unstable performance.
Raman fiber lasers or amplifiers have the characteristics of stimulated Brillouin scattering and linewidth nonlinear broadening, and are therefore not suitable for producing high power, narrow linewidth laser outputs.
Although these effects can be successfully suppressed based on a certain technical means, the disadvantages of complicated structure, high cost, and poor stability have become the main factors limiting their development.

589nm Yellow DPSS Laser

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August 17, 2018

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