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Application of Infrared Laser in Multi-touch Interactive Projection System

In recent years, interactive display systems and products represented by multi-touch and interactive projection have developed rapidly. This kind of intuitive, easy-to-use, and novel interactive experience has gradually changed the public’s usage habits and has become a new type of application with important industrial significance and commercial value.

Interactive projection mainly uses infrared sensor capture equipment to capture and shoot participants, and then analyzes through the internal imaging system, and generates feedback actions corresponding to the captured information during actual content. Combined with the real-time image interactive system, participants can interact with the wall To interact effectively with the body screen.

The infrared surface emitted by the infrared line laser covers the entire screen. The thickness of the infrared surface of the laser is about 2mm. When the finger or other objects are close to the touch screen, the infrared surface of the laser forms bright spots. The infrared camera captures these bright spots and transmits the picture to The computer processes and analyzes these images through software, recognizes the location and touch events, and then calls the corresponding instructions to give feedback.

Infrared laser can produce multi-touch series (such as multi-touch screen, multi-touch desktop, multi-touch wall, etc.), ground interactive induction projection system, desktop interactive induction projection system, wall interactive induction projection system, interactive induction rear projection system, Smash the ball game and so on.

Using laser plane multi-touch technology to realize multi-touch devices is a simple and inexpensive method. Most devices require 4-8 laser heads to illuminate the plane from the four corners and sides of the screen; laser light The brightness depends on the wavelength and power (mw) of the laser. The greater the power, the higher the brightness and the better the sensing effect!

Application cases of infrared laser in multi-touch interaction:

Laser camera touch “Monster Laser Camera Sensor” (sensor + setting tool) – Total Interactive Solution

It is an interactive touch sensor solution that uses a camera based on a laser transmitter. It is a product that can use lasers for multi-touch in a 1 cm palm unit. Because of its fast moving objects can be identified, thus showing excellent performance when used to identify squash ball shooting.

In the case of the Monster laser camera, an area with a width and height of 4-5 meters will become a multi-touch interactive space. When two cameras are connected, a space of 8-9 meters can be formed.

Interactive ball shooting:

Tool calibration:

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