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C-Band 1W EDFA Single-mode Fiber Output

High power erbium doped fiber amplifier (EYDFA-HP-BA),based on amplification technology of double clad erbium doped fiber, unique optical packaging technology, and with reliable hardware light path protection design, realized high power laser output in C band or L band, It has the advantages of high gain and low noise, and can be widely used in CATV, optical fiber communication, laser radar, etc..

This is a C-Band 30dBm module type EDFA. It is equipped with SMF-28e single-mode fiber, and polarization-maintaining fiber can also be customized. This is a high-power EDFA, with a row of aluminum sheets on one side of the shell for easy heat dissipation. This is a modular design, and desktop EDFA can also be customized.

The test report & spectrum analysis chart of C-Band 30dBm SM EDFA.

The relationship between power current and output power.

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