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760nm Near IR Fiber Laser System All-in-one Type

760nm fiber laser is widely used in many fields such as spectral analysis, material analysis, bioengineering, photoelectric detection, medical treatment, etc., especially in oxygen detection. Based on its stable laser performance and precise wavelength adjustment ability, it provides strong technical support for environmental protection, chemical industry, biological industry, petroleum, electrical and other industries.

The one in the video is a 760nm 1500mW fiber coupled laser system. The laser power supply and laser output part are integrated in one chassis. There is a PC/M button on the back of the laser, the default is ‘M’ mode, that is, manual mode. ‘PC’ mode is software control mode, users can add this function. The Modulation interface on the back is used to connect 0~10KHz modulation signal. When there is no signal input, it is CW continuous working mode.

The test data of this 760nm fiber coupled laser.

In short, 760nm fiber laser integrated machine has become a powerful assistant in industrial manufacturing and scientific research fields with its excellent performance and wide application fields.



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