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1550nm Narrow Line-width DFB Laser PM1550 Fiber Output

This is 1550nm 50mW fiber laser. The output power can be adjusted, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1mW. Software control function can be customized, using RS232 communication serial port. Default only supports button control. The standard version is controlled by buttons, control switches, and adjust the power. PM1550 polarization maintaining fiber is installed, and SM single-mode fiber can also be customized.

It is a narrow linewidth laser with a spectral broadband <1MHz, kHZ level narrow linewidth lasers can also be customized.

The 1550nm band single-wavelength laser (low power) adopts high-stability semiconductor laser chip, polarization maintaining fiber output, professionally designed drive and temperature control circuit control to ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser, and can provide desktop or modular packaging. In the video is a benchtop 1550nm 50mW 1MHz narrow linewidth laser.

The test report of 1550nm 50mW PM fiber laser.

The line width test report.



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