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Operational Demonstration of Xenon Lab Light Source

Most of the photochemical experiments need to simulate sunlight. Our xenon light source has a spectrum similar to sunlight, and the output wavelength range is 200~2200nm. The xenon lamp system is a high-power full-band light source with continuous wavelength distribution. Imported xenon lamp bulbs and leading module cooling technology are used to ensure concentrated and stable output of light energy. The high-efficiency coupling SMA905 interface output is convenient for the effective use of light in the test. Let’s check it now.

Civillaser’s xenon lamp light source is widely used in spectral application analysis, photocatalysis, photodegradation of aquatic hydrogen, photochemistry catalysis, photochemical synthesis, photodegradation of pollutants, water pollution treatment, biological lighting, optical detection, various kinds of visible light accelerated experiments, ultraviolet band accelerated experiments and other research fields.


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