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The Difference Between Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser

The main difference between the fiber laser and the CO2 laser is that the working materials of the two are different. The working material of the fiber laser is optical fiber, and the working material of the CO2 laser is CO2, which belongs to the gas laser. In addition, the power of the two is relatively large. The difference is that fiber lasers are currently used from a few hundred watts to thousands of watts, while CO2 lasers typically have a power range of 80W to 600W. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of fiber lasers is higher than that of CO2 lasers. Fiber lasers are superior to CO2 lasers in terms of cutting quality and speed. Fiber lasers are lower than CO2 lasers in terms of use and maintenance costs. Higher than CO2 lasers; in addition, both fiber lasers and CO2 lasers require a chiller to cool and cool them.


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