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How to Extend the Continuous Working Time of the Laser?

High-power lasers usually generate large amounts of heat, which can easily damage the laser tube for a long time. It is not recommended to use high-power lasers for a long time.

Figure 1. Without heat sink, can not work continuously for a long time

Sometimes, the user needs to make the high-power laser work continuously for a long time. Is there any way?

We have summarized some experiences in actual work to share with you.

1. Select Laser
Ask the merchant if the laser is with TEC when buying.
TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) is a semiconductor refrigeration chip, which is widely used in temperature control in various equipment.

Figure 2. Heat sink and fan

Laser working at high temperatures will cause damage to the laser tube, so it is also necessary to bring an overheating protection module.
When the temperature rises to the limit of the laser tube, the laser must automatically stop working.

2. Do a good job of heat dissipation
As long as the heat dissipation is done, the continuous working time of the high-power laser can be effectively extended.

First, adjust the working environment temperature.Do not place the laser in a high temperature working environment.

Add heat sinks and air cooling devices to the laser.

Figure 3. Equipped with heat sink can effectively extend continuous working time

It is more effective to add a water cooling device to the laser, but this method is relatively cumbersome to implement and rarely used in actual work.

Figure 4. High-power lasers generally need to be equipped with heat sinks

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