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C-Band 26dBm Polarization-Maintaining EDFA

Polarization-maintaining erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA-PM) is a family of fiber amplifier products dedicated to polarization-maintaining fiber systems. It has the advantages of high gain, low noise, and polarization retention. It supports host computer software control. Need to provide bench-top or rack-mount package, accept parameter customization.

This is a 26dBm polarization-maintaining EDFA. Control EDFA with buttons, and software control function can be added. It supports APC and ACC two working modes. Let’s check it now.

Operation method:
The left and right arrow buttons are used to switch the APC and ACC working modes. In ACC mode, the up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the working current. In APC mode, the up and down arrow buttons are used to adjust the output power. The square button in the middle is the confirmation key. After the Active key is turned ON, the EDFA starts working.

Test data report:

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