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Advantages of 355nm UV laser marking machine

Advantages of 355nm UV laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine has the characteristics of short wavelength and small spot. It adopts 355nm laser, which is the first choice for high precision laser engraving machine and marking machine.

Ultraviolet laser marking machines are known as “photo-etching” effects. High-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the chemical bonds of materials by “cold treatment”, and the processed parts have smooth edges and minimal carbonization.

In addition, UV laser energy can be effectively absorbed by most materials and has good focusing performance, so it can be finely micromachined in a small space area, which has very high research value and broad application prospects.
In layman’s terms, all lasers are excited by their working medium and excited to an excited state. Some photons (atoms) are on a low-energy step called metastable state.
The higher the absorption energy, the higher the energy level step, and the constant transition (reverse), the different media, the atomic jump spectrum is different and single,
All lasers with different colors can be seen. The spectrum of ultraviolet laser is about 300NM. From the perspective of light, it is more suitable for light color marking of solar photovoltaic glass and plastic materials.

The 355 nm laser used in the UV laser marking machine has an average output of 15 mW and a pulse width of 20 ns. The all-solid-state violet laser with kilohertz electro-optic Q-switched output has a wide range of applications in industrial, agricultural, defense, technology, medical, etc., while UV lasers are used in optical data storage, optical disk control, micromachining, atmospheric detection, microelectronics, and photochemistry. Especially important in the fields of photobiology and medical science. This is because all-solid-state UV light source has high efficiency, high repetition rate, reliable performance, miniaturization, good beam quality and high output power stability. In order to obtain high conversion and high power. The 355nm output requires the output power of the fundamental and multipliers to be maximum. Since the generation of the sum frequency wave is the result of effective energy conversion of the fundamental wave and the second harmonic in the nonlinear crystal, and the conversion process must satisfy both energy conservation and momentum conservation, the harmonic conversion efficiency must be considered.

Combined with the above characteristics of ultraviolet laser 355nm and beam diameter of about 1μm, it can be seen that the ultraviolet laser is particularly suitable for engraving of fragile articles such as solar photovoltaic glass and surface layer engraving of other products, and the engraving effect is perfect, and the material is perfect. It has no effect in itself.

Ultraviolet laser marking machines have more advantages than mechanical marking machines. These advantages include low cost of consumption, low maintenance costs, high productivity, and high utilization of the work surface. The laser process is easier to automate, reducing labor costs. Ultraviolet laser technology still has a lot of potential to be developed, so the process will continue to develop. We predict that the laser process will further develop in the number of high-demand engravings and shorten the payback period.

CivilLaser provides research institutes with a compact 355nm laser that is small and stable and has been used by hundreds of university laboratories and corporate research organizations around the world.

The picture below shows the physical picture of the CivilLaser 355nm laser.


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