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635nm 15000mW High Power Fiber Coupled Laser System

It’s a 635nm 15W High power red laser system. 15W is a high-power laser, which generates a lot of heat after working for a long time. We have added a heat sink base to the laser head. The bottom heat sink has 2 cooling fans. This is a fiber-coupled laser. The 400μm fiber is pluggable, and it is equipped with a collimator at the fiber output end. Let’s check it now.

This is the light output effect of the laser head without optical fiber. At this time, the light spot is not concentrated.

After adding the optical fiber, the light spot is circular, and the NA (Numerical Aperture) of the optical fiber is 0.22.

The light output effect of the fiber light outlet plus the collimator, the focal length of the collimator is adjustable.

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