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405nm 4W Semiconductor Laser — CivilLaser

This video is from CivilLaser, it’s a blue-violet laser , the wavelength is 405nm, and the output power can be adjustable from 0 to max 4000mW. This laser has three mode: CW / TTL/ Analog, in this video, we choose CW mode. 4W is very high power for 405nm blue-violet laser, the bottom is equipped with a cooling rack.

Operating mode: CW or Modulation
Modulation:  0~30khz Analog or TTL
Bean Height: 29mm
Beam Size: 4mmx2mm
Beam Divergence(Full Angle):  1×0.4 mrad
Power Stability:  <3% per 4 hrs
Warm Up Time: <1 minutes
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