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185~600nm Deep UV Measurement Deuterium Light Source

This is the UV deuterium lamp source with broadband wavelength. The wavelength range is 185nm~600nm. Among them, the ultraviolet band of 200nm~300nm has the highest power. The faint purple spot can be seen with the naked eye. Let’s check it now.

D-2000 deuterium lamp can produce stable output spectrum of 190-400nm. The peak to peak stability is less than 0.005%, and the drift is only + / – 0.5% per hour.

Deep UV coverage. The coverage is 190-400nm;
Excellent performance. The peak to peak stability is less than 0.005%;
D-2000 has a SMA905 interface, which is convenient to connect with spectrometer, optical fiber and other measurement accessories;
D-2000 deuterium lamp bulb with a service life of 1000 hours, can be easily replaced;
Power supply: 85 ~ 250V AC 50 ~ 60Hz
Fiber: Our UV resistant quartz fiber is recommended.

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