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1380nm 0.1mW adjustment SM Fiber laser system

It’s a 1380nm 20mW SM fiber laser. The laser output power can be adjusted through these 5 buttons. You can add software control function, the interface is RS232. The output end is a single-mode fiber by default, and polarization-maintaining fiber can be customized. The LCD screen can display the current power. The safety key turns to ON, the indicator light turns red, and there is laser output. Turn on the laser, the ON/OFF button is on the back of the laser. The up and down keys are used to adjust the power value. The minimum adjustment accuracy is 0.1mW. The left and right keys are to select the position of the number to be adjusted. Let’s check it now.

1380nm single-wavelength laser light source uses DFB semiconductor laser chip, single-mode fiber output, professionally designed drive circuit and TEC control to ensure the safe and stable operation of the laser, can provide desktop or modular packaging.

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