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1070nm 30dBm Temperature Controlled Fiber Coupled Laser

1070nm SM fiber laser system. The maximum power is 1W, 10%~100% power can be adjusted, adjusted by button, the adjustment accuracy is 1mW. You can adjust the wavelength by adjusting the temperature. This is a custom function and is not supported by default. By default, the laser is controlled by the button, and it can also be controlled by custom software, using the RS232-USB data cable to link the computer software. This laser coupled singlemode fiber, the output of PM fiber can be customized. With LCD screen, it can display the current power and the currently set temperature.

Button to adjust the laser output power, and laser wavelength. Press the middle square button to start the setup mode. The left and right arrows switch whether to set the laser output power or the temperature. The up and down arrows are used to adjust the size of the corresponding parameters. After the setting is complete, turn the switch key to ON. The Active indicator lights up and the laser starts to output.

This is the test data report.

The spectrogram when the temperature is set to 60℃.


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