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1064nm Q-switched Laser Pulsed Laser Source

This is a Q-switched laser, the wavelength is 1064nm. It’s a very popular Lab pulsed laser system. This laser does not have a CW continuous operation mode.  The power supply to CW is a mode for manually adjusting the frequency. Adjusting the current is to adjust the frequency, that is, to adjust the average power.

1. It accept 1~50KHz signal.

2. Signal wire use BNC interface.

3. Average output power = [Repeat rate]*[Single pulse energy] e.g.  Repeat rate = 2.5Khz (support 1~50KHz signal)
Single pulse energy = 120uJ Average output power = 2.5*1000*120 = 300000uJ = 300mW

4. Peak Power = [Single pulse energy]/[Pulse Width]

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