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1064nm 100mW SM Fiber Laser System — Power Stability Test

In the past 2021, there was a great demand for 1064nm single-mode fiber lasers in the market. Most customers apply lasers in the field of scientific research, and they have relatively high requirements for the power stability of the lasers, and customers often ask us to provide a power stability test report that is more than 8 hours.

Below is the 26-hour stability test data we did when the power of the 1064nm 100mW SM Fiber laser was adjusted to 43mW.

Other instructions:
This test eliminated interference factors as much as possible.
1.The laser, optical fiber, and power meter must be absolutely stable and not touchable, keep people away from the test area, and do not touch any part of the laser.
2. The optical fiber is directly connected to the optical power meter, and no adapter is used.
3. Eliminate the interference of the magnetic field near the laser.

The basic parameters of 1064nm SM FC laser:

The spectrum of 1064nm SM laser:

Optical power meter for testing: ThorLab’s optical power meter.


Power stability data for 8 hours of continuous work:
– Power stability: ±0.5759%
– Power fluctuation: 16.44-16.39 = 0.05dBm

Power stability data for 26 hours of continuous work:
– Power stability: ±0.705%
– Min: 16.375 dBm
– Max: 16.437 dBm
– Power fluctuation: 0.062 dBm


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