1625nm 1650nm High Isolation Optical Fiber Filter


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1625nm 1650nm High Isolation Optical Fiber Filter

The product is produced by special filter components and special processes. It has the function of deeply blocking the wavelength of 1250-1590nm and efficiently transmitting light of 160-1670nm wavelength. It is an ideal device for 1625nm and 1650nm fiber filter.

1. High transmission rate
2. High isolation
3. Low polarization dependent loss
4. Low temperature effect
5. High stability

1. FTTX online monitoring
2. OTDR monitoring module
3. 1625/1650nm filter system

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Value Unit
Transmission Wavelength Range 1600-1670 nm
1625nm Transmission Rate 80-90 %
1650nm Transmission Rate 75-85 %
Block wavelength range 1250-1590 nm
1310nm Optical Isolation ≥50 dB
1490nm Optical Isolation ≥45 dB
1550nm Optical Isolation ≥35 dB
Polarization Loss ≤0.3 dB
Temperature Drift Coefficient ≤2 %
Maximum Load Power <300 mW
Operating Temperature -25~+75
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Fiber Type SMF, Φ0.9  
Connecting device FC/PC  
Package size Φ5×28 mm
Shell Material SUS304  


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