Deep Cut Off 1550nm Optical Fiber Filter


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Deep Cut Off 1550nm Optical Fiber Filter

The product is based on the development of optical communications research and development needs, production of a selected wavelength 1550nm optical fiber filter element from a plurality of wavelengths. Since the use of special and unique filter element manufacturing process, HTF1550T cut having a depth 1310nm (1300nm), 1490nm (1480nm) wavelength light efficiently function 1550nm,, 1625nm and 1650nm wavelength.

1. High transmission rate
2. Deep cutoff
3. More cut-off wavelength
4. Low polarization dependent loss
5. Small size
6. High stability

1. WDM channel
2. Optical instrumentation
3. FTTX optical path
4. Research and production of optical devices and optical machines

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Value Unit
Transmission Wavelength 1550±20 nm
Transmission Rate Min.: 85 %
Typ.: 88
Max.: 91
Transmission Linear Error ≤±0.1 dB
Cut-off Wavelength 1310、1490、1625、1650 nm
1310nm Cutoff Depth ≥45 dB
1490nm Cutoff Depth ≥35 dB
1625nm Cutoff Depth ≥35 dB
1650nm Cutoff Depth ≥35 dB
Polarization Loss ≤0.1 dB
Maximum Load Power <300 mW
Maximum Tensile Force >5 N
Operating Temperature -40~+75
Storage Temperature -40~+75
Fiber Type SMF-28, Φ0.9 loose cover  
Connecting device FC/PC(Customizable)  
Package size Φ5×30 mm
shell material SUS304  

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