MTRJ Singal Mode Double Core Fiber Optic Connector


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MTRJ Singal Mode Double Core Fiber Optic Connector 

MT-RJ and MPO fiber optic connectors belong to MT series, which makes use of the guide hole and guide pin with 0.7mm diameter to achieve connection with perfect alignment. The pin and hole are installed on the end face of the fiber optic connector.
MT-RJ fiber optic connector usually comes with two ferrules, while MPO fiber connector can be designed with 2 to 12 ferrules, 24 ferrules at most. Environment reliability of MPO type conforms to Telcordia GR-1435-CORE, IEC/EN 61754-7 and TIA-568-B.1-7 standards. Thanks to its compacting structure, the fiber optic connector has many ferrules and features a small volume. Hence, this optical connector can be used for wiring process in need of high intensity integrated optical lines.

1. High quality ferrule and perfect alignment of PIN
2. Low insertion loss
3. RJ-45 structural design

1. Building wiring with high intensity
3. Active devices
4. Optical fiber communication system
5. Telecommunication network 
6. LANs, WANs
8. 40/100G optical transceivers
9. Gigabit Ethernet

[Optional Types]
MT-RJ Connector
1. Fiber tail sleeve with two 2mm ferrules or with one 3mm ferrule can be provided.
2. Connector head with or without PIN is optional.
MPO Connector
1. Ribbon type tail sleeve and 3.0mm bunchy type are selectable.
2. Connector head with or without PIN can be supplied.
3. MTP connector head is available.


Item Parameter
Fiber Type Singal mode
Testing Wavelength   850nm, 1,300nm
Typical Insertion loss ≤0.25dB
Maximum  Insertion loss  ≤0.30dB
Return Loss PC≥40dB
Durability Mating 500, typical≤0.30dB
Operating Temperature -2 0℃~ + 70℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃~ + 85℃
Ferrule Size Pore size:127±1μm, concentricity≤1.4μm
Number of Ferrule MT-RJ:2 ; MPO:4, 6, 8, 12,24
MTRJ Singal Mode Double Core Fiber Optic Connector

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