461nm 1~1000mW Blue Laser System All-in-one Model High Power Laser Source

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461nm 1~1000mW Blue Laser System All-in-one Type High Power Laser Source

1. All-in-one integrated machine: laser and power together, not separated.
2. Customizable software control. (Default without. Add $ 150 for software control.)

Product Name: 461nm Fiber Coupled Laser
Lead Time: 2~4 weeks
Wavelength: 461±5 nm
Output Power: 1000mW (@ Fiber output side, and 0~max power adjustable)
Spectral Linewidth:<2nm
Fiber Core Diameter: 100μm / 200μm / 400μm (Choose)
Fiber Interface: FC/PC, SMA905 (Choose)
Control Mode: Button / Button+software (Choose)
Fiber Length: 1m
Fiber Numerical Aperture:0.22NA
Operating Temperature: 0°C-40°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C-85°C
Temperature Stabilizing: TEC
Warm Up Time: <5 minutes
MTTF(mean time to failure): 10,000 hrs
Laser Head Dimension: Near 268(L)x160(W)x82(H)mm 
Power Supply: Adjustable Power Supply
Modulation: 0~10KHz TTL
Warranty: 1 Year

[Packing List]
1 x All-in-one laser
1 x Optical fiber
1 x Test data report
1 x Operation manual


fiber coupled laser

fiber coupled laser

Installation size (forward installation, install the adapter plate at the bottom of the power supply)

fiber coupled laser

Installation size (reverse installation)

fiber coupled laser

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