TTL modulation 850nm 3mw~5mw IR Infrared dot laser module

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High-quality laser diode, optical glass lens, driver circuit and housing
High reliability, high stability, long life, low price
Industrial marking devices, laser medical equipment, stage lighting and laser targeting devices and so on.
Name: TTL modulation 850nm 3mw~5mw IR Infrared dot laser module
Output Wavelength: 850nm
Output Power: 3mW~5mw(The output can be customized)
Laser Shape: Rectangle 
Laser type: Invisible laser, IR laser
Outside Color: Black
Beam Divergence: 0.1mrad ~ 0.6mrad adjustable 
Spot Description: Adjustable
Modulation: TTL modulation
Modulation frequency: 1Hz-1000KHz 
Operating Voltage: DC 3V ~ 5V
Laser Class: IIIa 
Operating Temperature: -10℃~50℃
Storage Temperature: -30℃~80℃
Size: Φ12mm x30mm, Φ16mm x60mm
MTTF: 10000 hours
Warranty: 1 Year Factory warranty
TTL modulation Description:
1 The red and yellow lines shorted, the module will be lit, in a continuous mode of operation;
2 To modulate the signal line negative black wire, positive connected to the yellow line, red line vacant, modulation module in working condition.
3 Signal input modulation frequency must be within the range 500KHZ;
Package includes:
1* TTL IR laser module  

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