Collimating lens of optical fiber 94-UV Large diameter single lens


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Collimating lens of optical fiber 94-UV Large diameter single lens

94-UV collimating lens is designed to couple beams in larger free space into optical fibers. The focal length of the collimating lens is 50mm, which is suitable for outdoor long-distance collimating light. After testing, the longest distance can reach 20m.

This lens have a wide range of applications and can be used to measure: absorbance, illumination and luminosity.

This product can be used for collimation and coupling focusing. For collimation, it can be connected to single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers. If used as coupling focusing, it is limited to multi-mode optical fibers (numerical aperture 0.22-0.37NA, core diameter >100 microns).

Product Name:  Fiber Collimator
Type: Single lens
Model: 94-UV
Connector: SMA905
Connector threads: 1/4-36 External thread
Lens material: f/1 Fused silica(Suprasil)
Lens Diameter: 30mm
Lens Focal Length: 50mm
Wavelength Range: 200-2000nm
Working Temperature: <200°C
Housing Material: aluminum, black.
Optical Column Installation Thread:  M4 thread fixing screw

Product details:
Widespread Applications - Optimized lenses can be used to collect 200-2000 nanometres of light;
Solid - Stainless Steel Shell with Black Oxidized Surface. 

94-UV Fiber collmator
94-UV Fiber collmator
94-UV Fiber collmator

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