Less 3kHz Ultra-narrow Line-width 1550nm DFB Fiber Laser CW 30mW~50mW SM PM Fiber

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Less 3kHz Ultra-narrow Line-width 1550nm DFB Fiber Laser CW 30mw~50mw SM PM Fiber

The ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser is a low-noise single-frequency fiber laser. It uses a unique rare earth-doped fiber DFB laser cavity structure. The optimized design of the all-fiber laser optical path ensures single-frequency narrow linewidth operation and output spectrum. The line width is on the order of 3 kHz, and the output spectral side mode suppression ratio exceeds 60 dB. At the same time, it adopts unique polarization control technology and noise suppression technology to achieve stable linear polarization, single longitudinal mode, ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency laser output, and ultra-low phase noise and intensity noise. Module and desktop packages are available upon request.

1. Spectral linewidth ≤ 3kHz
2. Stable fiber DFB resonator structure
3. High frequency stability, no mode hopping
4. High side mode suppression ratio
5. Module shockproof design
6. Low relative intensity noise

1. Laser seed source
2. Acoustic sensing, hydrophone
3. Fiber distributed sensing
4. Coherent optical communication

[Optical Indicators]

Parameter Unit Value
Central wavelength nm 1550±0.5 ( If you need 1545~1560nm, please contact us. )
Spectral linewidth kHz ≤3kHz
Signal background ratio dB > 50
Lightwave mode   Single longitudinal mode, continuous wave
Output Power mW 30 / 50
Polarization state   Linear polarization
Polarization extinction ratio dB > 23
Degree of polarization   99%
Frequency instability MHz <20 (15min) <100 (long term)
Relative intensity noise @>3MHz dB/Hz <-110dB/Hz@ROF peak, <-120dB/Hz@1MHz
Phase noise @1-9.5KHz dB < -110
Power instability @>3h   <1%
Output fiber type   Single mode fiber SMF-28e  (If you need PM fiber, please contact us.)
Pigtail length m 1
Output connector   FC/APC
Control method,Communication interface   Software, RS232 (DB9 Female)


[Power Supply / Environment]

Parameter Unit Value
Power supply   DC 5V
Maximum power consumption W 15
Size mm 125(W) x 150(D) x 30(H)
Operating temperature range +5 ~ +40
Storage temperature range -10 ~ +60
Relative humidity % 0 ~ 80
Power consumption W ≤15 (DC5V/4A)
Preheat time min 5


1550nm narrow linewidth laser

1550nm narrow linewidth laser

Center Wavelength Test: 1550±0.1nm

1550nm narrow linewidth laser

Line Width Test: (Frequency Shift 80MHz)

1550nm narrow linewidth laser

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