Laser beam expander 650nm 50mw Red Laser Module


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Laser beam expander 650nm Red Laser Module

Long-range Dot Position indicator/40mm extender

Laser Beam Expander Description:
Collimated laser beam expander output by increasing the diameter of the beam divergence angle of its compression can make it better collimation, enabling remote use.
Lasers are made of high-quality original, imported laser diode, together with the high performance APC driver circuit and optical coated glass lens group or quality plastic lens plastic composition, with high reliability, high stability, strong anti-interference, good consistency , long life and other characteristics.
Our products are widely used in various industrial testing, long-distance point positioning, laser measuring diameter, interferometer and instrumentation, teaching test light source, laser sighting, laser medical equipment, stage lighting and laser light presentation, laser positioning device.

High-quality laser diode,optical glass lens, driver circuit and housing
High Transmission
Short System Length
Small Spherical Aberration
High reliability, high stability, long life,low price
Laser Alignment
Laser Leveling
Aiming and Positioning
Laser Surveying
Output power:50mW
Max input beam diameter:2mm
Min beam divergence:0.05mrad ~ 0.6mrad
Laser class:IIIb
Operating Voltage:DC3V-5V
Operating Temperature:10°C~40°C
Storage Temperature:-30°C~80°C
Dimensions: Φ30mm x45mm x 160mm
MTTF:8000 hours
Warranty:1 year

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