Laser module power Supply DC 3V / 5V / 12V


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Laser module power Supply DC 3V~12V

[Input Characteristics]
1, Voltage: operating voltage range of 100V ~ 240V AC voltage
2, Frequency: AC input voltage range of 47 ~ 63 Hz frequency
3, Current: maximum input current ≤ 20mA
4, The impact of current: Inrush current ≤ 50A
5, Protection: over voltage, over current, over temperature protection
[Output Characteristics]
1, The maximum output current: ≤ 2A ,Different voltage and current are different.
2, Power: Output Power Rating 4W
3, Ripple and noise: Ripple and noise: 30mV MAX.
4, Boot delay time: boot delay time ≤ 3S
5, Efficiency: ≥ 68% Power Efficiency

At nominal input voltage, full load, ambient temperature of 40 degrees under the conditions of the supply MTBF is not less than 50,000 hours.
[Input and output wiring]
AC input line: flat head two plug input wire, cable length ≥ 1m;
DC output cable: 5.5mm DC plug wire, cable length ≥ 1m


5V, 6V transformer style

3.3V transformer style

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