Fiber coupled Laser

Most DPSS lasers and Semiconductor Lasers can be customized to Fiber coupled lasers.
So please contact us and tell your detail requirements if you can't find the  Fiber laser link that meet your needs. 
fiber laser

Fiber-coupled laser features:
1. The length of fiber can be customized.
2. You can change the direction of the laser beam, it can be applied to a variety of occasions venue.
3. Laser spot is circular, uniform illumination.
4. The laser fiber can be installed at the exit of the collimator lens care area to adjust the size, large or small.

The output power of the laser fiber-coupled is marked before the power coupling, the coupling efficiency is generally 80%.
e.g. a 3W fiber-coupled laser,the real output power is 2.4W.

CivilLaser Custom fiber price list:

CivilLaser fiber laser

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