532nm Passively Q-switched Laser with power supply

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532nm Passively Q-switched Laser with power supply 
1. Passively Q-switched
2. repetition rates
Repeat rate adjustable
External controllable
For application in micro cutting/marking, signal detection, etc.
Easy use & maintenance free
Longlife operation
High efficiency
High reliability
Model No.: LSR532H-Q
Wavelength: 532nm
Spatial Mode: TEM00
Average output power: 200~500mw
Single Pulse energy: 5-30 uJ
Pulse Width: 1-10ns
Peak Power: 300-1000W
Repeat Rate: 5~30kHz
Beam Spot Shape: Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1
Pointing Stability: <0.05mrad
Beam Diameter(1/e2): <1.5mm
Beam Divergence: < 2mrad
Power Stability: <±3% per 2 hrs
Beam Height: 29mm
Temperature Stabilizing: TEC
Warm Up Time: <5minutes
Beam Quality (M2): <2
Optimum Operating Temperature: 20~30°C
Storage Temperature: 10~50°C
Life Time: 10,000 hours

Power Supply: Standard type power supply / Lab Adjustable power supply (Choose) 

Warranty: 1 Year
Laser Head Dimensions: 155(L)x77(W)x55(H)mm3

532nm Q-switched dpss laser

532nm Q-switched dpss laser


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